Shower trailers

Do you have a weekend festival, week-long camping event or an environmental clean-up job where full-service, personal care facilities are needed? Our Shower trailers will make you feel right at home.

Fully functioning modern showers with hot and cold running water and heating and air-conditioning are only a phone call away. We have several state-of-the-art units available, each with its own unique configuration. We even offer combination trailers that include upscale restroom facilities, with flushing toilets, ample lighting, and vanities with sinks and mirrors. We deliver the units to your site, set them up and even provide the water source if one is not readily available. We also provide concession showers complete with towels, soap, shampoo, toiletries and attendants!

For our full shower trailer Line, please visit our sister company, Formal Outings at

Call (334) 288.1500 for details,
availabilities and schedules.