Compactors for Industrial Waste Management

Industrial CompactorsWhen looking to reduce your monthly expenses on cardboard, pallets, plastic, or other high-volume waste materials, our industrial compactors are the perfect solution.

If your business involves high volumes of waste, our compactors can reduce your pick-up frequency by as much as 35%, which means less money wasted on waste. And if you dedicate a compactor to a recyclable material, you can actually make money on your waste while we do all the work!


Industrial Compactor Types:

  • Self-Contained — Available in 15, 20, 30, and 35 cubic yard sizes, these units come equipped with built-in compactors.
  • Break Away — These 40 cubic yard behemoths attach to your existing compactor. Alabama Dumpster Services also specializes in selling or leasing compactors designed to handle your particular materials and waste volume.

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